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Tap the Bored Button and start your journey into series of games specially selected for you. Every game will try its chance to entertain you with their best features.

If they succeed, you are free to play as much as you like and save it to your favorites for another time.

But they may seem boring to you, in that case just tap the bored button again and it will give another game a chance to impress you.


Beautifully designed user interface, makes your every move so easy and smooth.


Discover many new games with playing every one of them with the comfort of just pressing a button.


There is no limit on the games, you can play as much as you like. It is all for you.


You liked a game while surfing through games? You can save it to your favorites and play with it anytime you like to play.


Specially designed and programmed button for you. It will get to know you as you play and recommend you new games accordingly. Enjoy.


All specially selected, impressive games collection for you and more is coming every week.

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"This is a great idea! Had hours of entertainment from this I can't wait for more games to be added"

-Heidi Steed

"It's sooo great for travels, and when your bored out of your mind. This games takes logic skills, thinking, and your brain. Hope you download it, it's truly amazing"

-Ana Morris

"True to their words! This app I a lifesaver when you have a boring occasion to be at or just bored in general! Thanks I will never uninstall your app!!"

-Cameron Janson

"Wonderful, amazing variety... Always something new... And I never get bored! Thanks devs... GREAT JOB!!! 😊"

-Diana Martin

"I always try to find the perfect game and i finally found one this is great i love the concept of this its genius"

-Isaac Limon

"It saves data and keeps you focused when your bored. Also it has probably over a million awesome games that you can play when you're seriously bored it's a very good game you should try it"

-Zia Dubose

"I frequently download and delete games because of my phone storage, and because I get tired of games pretty quickly. This game never gets old because its not the same game, great concept."

-Zack Hunsucker

"This game is awesome"

-Ariah Kleckley

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